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BioLet Composting Toilets

BioLet Mini (container)

$1,250.00 $1,950.00

The BioLet Mini is a revolutionary new dry toilet made by BioLet, the most trusted brand in waterless toilet systems. With its small and compact design and the shiny, porcelain-look combined with the sturdy soft-close toilet seat and fully automated compost cover, this toilet has a high-quality look and feel that will fit into any style bathroom. Making it a great choice for Tiny Houses, RVs, Boats, Cabins.

The BioLet Mini is a small batch composting toilet system that comes with two interchangeable four gallon bins for solid waste. These can be swapped out and emptied as required. If you’re interested in composting this waste into a nutrient rich resource, we recommend emptying these chambers into an external composting chamber.

Urine Collection:

With this BioLet mini model, urine is collected in a 2-gallon urine container. This means that there is no drainage at the base of the unit, and it is fully self-contained. The urine can be emptied into another toilet or dump point, or diluted and used as a fertiliser.


  • Waterless dry toilet
  • Small and compact
  • Two 4-gallon solid collection bins
  • 2-gallon urine container
  • Odorless
  • Sturdy toilet seat and lid
  • Automated compost cover


  • 20"H x 15 3/4"W x 20"D
  • Floor space required: 15" x 12"
  • Shipping weight: 22lbs
  • Power requirement: 115V
  • Seat height 17 3/4"

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