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What makes BioLet composting toilets so efficient?

BioLet toilets have a patented recirculating air process that provide the maximum amount of air throughout the composting material. The aerobic bacteria, which cause the decomposition, thrive in oxygen rich environments. Feeding more air to these bacteria is just like feeding more air to a fire, it's going to compost hotter and faster.


Is it ok to add urine to a BioLet composting toilet?

Yes, urine is perfectly ok to add. In the electric models the liquids are evaporated off and the vapors are vented out through the ventilation pipe. With the non-electric BioLet 30NE, all the liquids are separated from the solid waste and drained off through the supplied drain tube.


Can I make my own compost mix?

Use of only BioLet approved compost mix is recommended. Approved mulches will carry the BioLet logo. Using any other mulch may cause a decrease in the efficiency of your toilet and may void the warranty on mixer parts if their failure is determined to be caused by usage of unapproved mulch.


Will there be odors outside the building?

A properly installed and maintained composting toilet should not create any more odors than a conventional toilet systems vent pipe. Therefore, there should be no noticeable odors, even outside the building where the toilet is installed.


Is the new waste that is added to the composting toilet mixed with the old waste that is already partially composted?

No, in all BioLet composting toilets newly deposited human waste and partly decomposed materials are not being mixed together as is done in other composting toilets. This is one of the main reasons that BioLet's end-product is very safe to handle.


What does the term 'automated liquid controls' mean in the BioLet 65 description, and how does it work?

The automated liquid controls in the BioLet 65 is a combination of a thermostatically controlled heater and a float switch. The thermostat is set manually to maintain the liquids for "normal" usage. In the event that there is additional liquid build up in the tray, the float switch will detect these liquids and force the heater to the next higher setting until the liquids are evaporated.


Does the room temperature need to be maintained at a certain point for the BioLet composting toilet to work?

During periods while the unit is in use, the ambient room temperature needs to be maintained above 64F. Whenever the unit is not going to be used for more than 2 days, you can let the temperature drop below 64F.


Is there anything that needs to be added to the toilet to help with the composting process?

Yes, a compost mix is required to promote aerobic decomposition. This mulch is essentially a mixture of peat moss and pine wood shavings combined with carefully selected compost activating ingredients . Addition of 1/2 cup after each fecal use or 1 quart per person per week will provide the proper amount of carbon and bulking agent to achieve optimum composting.


Do you have to see the waste when you look into the toilet?

No, all BioLet composting toilets are equipped with a compost cover, that hides the human waste from view and opens automatically when sitting on the toilet.


Can I use regular toilet tissue with a BioLet composting toilet?

Yes, you can! Some toilet papers compost faster than others, but all major brands are ok to use.


Do BioLet composting toilets have problems with worms, flies, or other bugs?

No, a properly installed and maintained BioLet has no problems with worms, flies, or other bugs. The CO2 emissions produced by the aerobic (oxygen fueled) composting process are a deterrent to bugs.On the other hand, anaerobic (oxygenless) processes found in outhouses and septic systems produce gases which attract these problems.


How do I track my order?

You can track your order by logging into our store and clicking 'My Account' at the top of the page.


I need help with operating or repairing my BioLet

We offer personal help and troubleshooting of your BioLet by calling our toll-free phone number 1-800-5BIOLET (800-524-6538).