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BioLet Toilet Systems, Inc.

BioLet Composting Toilet 25a

$2,150.00 $2,750.00

BioLet 25a

The all new BioLet 25a is the world's first fully automatic composting toilet. In our quest to provide our customers with a toilet that is as convenient to use and operate as a regular flush toilet, a fully automatic mixing system has been added in addition to the quiet fan, compost covers and double heaters.

The BioLet 25a is an excellent choice for that extra bit of luxury for any location where a conventional toilet is difficult or impractical to install. Designed with the smaller family in mind the BioLet 25a is the perfect option for those applications where the extra capacity of the BioLet 65e is not needed.

Rated at 3 - 4 people seasonal use the BioLet 25a is an excellent choice for the cottage, basement, barn, pool house or any place where an easy-to-use and convenient composting toilet is wanted.

Equipped with a compost cover which hides any content from view, fan, automatic mixer and double heaters the BioLet 25a is the most convenient composting toilet on the market today. As with all BioLet toilets, the BioLet 25a is easy to install and very easy to maintain.

Technical specifications:

  • 25 ½” H x 21 ¾”W x 28”D
  • Seat height: 20”
  • Needed floor space: 22” W x 44” D (extra space to pull out compost tray in front)
  • Max power: 355W
  • Average daily consumption: 1.5 kWh

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