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BioLet Toilet Systems, Inc.

BioLet Composting Toilet 15

$1,980.00 $2,500.00

 BioLet 15a

The all new BioLet 15 is the most recent evolution of modern-day composting toilets. Its elegant design fits into any bathroom and incorporates advanced technology with nature’s own process of decomposition to provide a natural and environment friendly solution. Equipped with a quiet fan, double heaters, compost covers, and an easy-to-use manual mixing handle, the BioLet 15 ensures an optimum environment for care free operation.

Rated at 3 - 4 people seasonal use the BioLet 15 is an excellent choice for the cottage, basement, barn, pool house or any place where you want the convenience of a reliable composting toilet without the hassle of installing a regular flush toilet.

As with all BioLet toilets, the BioLet 15 is easy to install and simple to maintain.

Technical specifications:

  • 25 ½” H x 21 ¾”W x 28”D
  • Seat height: 20”
  • Needed floor space: 22” W x 44” D (extra space to pull out compost tray in front)
  • Max power: 330W
  • Average daily consumption: 1.4 kWh

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