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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Will there be odors outside the building?

2.  Is it ok to add urine to a BioLet?

3.  Is the new waste that is added to the toilet mixed with the old waste that is already partially composted?

4.  What does the term 'automated liquid controls' mean in the BioLet 60 XL description, and how does it work?

5.  How do I clean the 'bowl' of my BioLet?

6.  What makes BioLet's toilets so efficient?

7.  Does the room temperature need to be maintained at a certain point for the BioLet to work?

8.  Is there anything that needs to be added to the toilet to help with the composting process?

9.  Do you have to see the waste when you look into the toilet?

10.  Do BioLets have problems with worms, flies, or other bugs?

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