Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
    1. Preparation
    2. Installation Instructions
    3. Starting your toilet
  3. Maintaining Efficiency
  4. Use and Care
  5. Troubleshooting
  6. Warranty

Helpful hints

Keep a small sealed container, with starter mulch and a ˝ cup measurer in it, next to the toilet for convenience of adding mulch after each fecal use.

Hang a sign above the toilet, for the convenience of guests, that states “To ‘flush’: 1) Add 1/2 cup starter mulch after each fecal use. 2) Lower the seat after use.”

For male urination, the gentlemen may either sit or stand close enough to the toilet so their knee applies a little pressure to the toilet seat and opens the compost cover


Odors in bathroom
If you detect a pungent or ammonia odor in your bathroom there is a possibility of insufficient airflow from your toilet. Please check the following:

  1. Is your unit plugged in?
  2. Can you hear the fan motor running?
  3. All vent pipe connections airtight?
  4. Compost tray door properly secured?
  5. Is the vent pipe inside the rubber connector on the back of the toilet?
  6. Vent pipe ends at least 6” above anything within 10’ (see “Installation”)?
  7. Vent pipe unobstructed?
  8. Is the vent pipe insulated in all unconditional (i.e. attic) areas?
  9. If there is a ventilation fan in the ceiling or wall of your bathroom, do not use it. The fan will draw air from the bathroom, causing a back draft through the toilet.
  10. If there is a window in your bathroom and the air is drawn out through it, you should close the window.

If the odor is detected during periods when there is a breeze outside. Install an approved wind directional cap (part# wind) that is available from BioLet or your local authorized dealer.

Odors outside the structure
The presence of odors outside the structure is a positive indication that the vent pipe is in an area of air turbulence above the roof. The vent pipe must be raised to get the top above the air turbulence.

Excess moisture in the tray
If you see excess moisture in the indicating tube(s) and cannot control it by adjusting the thermostat as described in the “Use and Care section”:

If liquid is present in the indicating tube on the left side of the toilet (when facing toilet), Do not open the tray door before draining off the liquid (see step 2 under “Emptying the humus tray”). This tube indicates there is liquid outside the tray. Removal of the door will release liquid onto the floor.

  1. Is your unit plugged in?
  2. Can you hear the fan motor running?
  3. Check for proper operation of the thermostat by turning the thermostat from 1 to 10 and listening for a slight “click”.
  4. Check for proper heater operation by following these steps:
  5. Set the thermostat on 5 and run the toilet for 2 hours.
  6. Turn the thermostat back and forth and listen very closely for a slight click.
  7. Make a note at what setting the thermostat clicks.
  8. Turn the thermostat to 10 and run the unit for ˝ hour.
  9. Turn the thermostat back and for to its limits again and listen for the click again.
  10. If the click in step 5 is at a higher setting than the click in step 2, everything is working correctly.
  11. Ensure the mulch is not compacted.
  12. Ensure you are using the toilet within its limits of 3 people full-time use and 4 people part-time use.

Excess moisture in the composting chamber
If you notice the material inside the composting chamber is not loamy and appears to be holding excessive moisture:
  1. Is your unit plugged in?
  2. Can you hear the fan motor running?
  3. Are you mixing the material after each use?
  4. Ensure you are using approved starter mulch (see “adding starter mulch” in the “use and care” section above).
  5. Ensure you are adding a sufficient amount of starter mulch.
  6. Ensure there is sufficient ventilation from the toilet (see “Odors in the bathroom” above)
  7. Ensure you are using the toilet within its limits of 3 people full-time residential and 4 people part-time cabin.
  8. If all else fails add 1 quart of coarse Perlite (available from most nurseries) to each gallon of starter mulch.

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