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How much can BioLet save me?

Less Expensive than a Septic System

  1. Septic systems average $6,300 for an installation. BioLet models start at $1,799.00.
  2. Septic systems cost between $200 - $1500 each year to run. BioLet only needs mulch periodically
  3. Composting toilets do not have odors or bugs. The same can't be said about septic systems.
  4. BioLets can be installed anywhere - you don't need a water hook up.
  5. BioLet toilets do not require any pumping or outside holding tank.

Saving water and money

The average american uses about 7, 665 gallons of water each year just flushing the toilet, according to the US Dept of Energy.

  1. Water costs an average of $4 for 1000 gallons.Each American spends at least $30 a year on toilet water.
  2. A family of 4 spends at least $120 each year on toilet water.
  3. Leaking toilets can add at least 200 gallons to each person's daily total.
  4. The tax payer pays an additional $75 to $95 for each 1 million gallons of water used.

The price per flush will only increase as areas of the United States continue to experience drought and dry conditions. 

Saving Greenhouse Emissions

The energy it takes to treat wastewater produces 5 million tons of greenhouse gas each year in the United States. If we could reduce our waste water, we could reduce this strain on our atmosphere.

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