About BioLet Toilet Systems

What we do

To put it simply, we are in the toilet business. We are striving to increase awareness about the need for people to convert to more sustainable waste management. Our main product is the BioLet line of composting toilets. These toilets don't use water to flush waste away; instead, they use nature's composting process to reduce and change the waste into humus.

Our toilets are currently manufactured in Sweden and imported to our main distribution center in Fresno Ohio. BioLet toilets have 35 years of Swedish engineering behind them and the approval of various environmental certifications including the Norwegian Centre for Soil and Environmental Research at the University of Agriculture in Norway.

We sell BioLet composting toilets throughout the United States through this website and our network of dealers.

Our Goals
  1. Increase awareness about composting toilets and the need for water conservation.
  2. Promote sustainable waste management that helps and not hurts our planet.
  3. Not lose sight that we are a part of a community and our success is tied directly to that community's health and success.

Learn more about the story of BioLet from the company's founder Sture Andersson.




Customer Service by Phone

We take calls Monday - Friday 9 AM - 4 PM Eastern Standard Time. Visit our support section for in depth information regarding Boilet composting toilets, installation, and other information.

Toll Free  1-800-524-6538  (Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm Eastern)

Fax  1-740-545-0703

We like hearing from you. If you have any suggestions on how to improve our products and service let us know.


Write us

Biolet Toilet Systems
53671 Lafayette Township Rd 508
Fresno, OH 43824


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