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History of BioLet's Role in Sustainable Living

1972 Vakuumplast Industri AB in Reftele Sweden releases its first self-contained composting toilet under the name of Mulltoa. (The Mulltoa name is still used in many parts of Europe and Canada).

1974 BioLet (Mulltoa) won the gold medal for outstanding design of an environmental product atthe International Inventors Exhibition in Geneva Switzerland. To this day BioLet maintains the prestige of being the only composting toilet to ever win this award.

1985 Biolet introduced the first fully-automatic composting toilet to the world.

1991 "The BioLet XL was tested by the National Sanitation Foundation. BioLet compared its NSF test results with those of its competitors and it was determined that BioLet was the most efficient unit of its type."

1992 BioLet is incorporated in the US and begins actively marketing to the American public.

1999 BioLet opens its new headquarters in Ohio. Centralizing sales, distribution, research and development, and customer support in one location allowing BioLet to provide outstanding support to their customers.

2004 BioLet becomes available through The Home Depot and ACE Hardware, the two largest hardware chains in the world.

2005 The BioLet 60 XL (Mulltoa 60) is the first composting toilet in the world to receive the Svan Ecolabel from The Nordic Council of Ministers. Testing for the Svan Ecolabel is the most extensive testing with the most stringent requirements in the World.

2008 BioLet releases the new 10 Standard, 20 Deluxe, 30 NE and 60 XL in the United States. This is the largest advancement ever made by a composting toilet manufacturer in efficiency and reliability.

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