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BioLet Waterless Toilet Installation is Easy

BioLet installation only needs average handy knowledge The average handy person can install a BioLet toilet in a couple of hours with common household tools. Each unit comes with a standard installation kit and detailed instructions. Simply follow the instructions and install the ventilation pipe through the roof, pour the BioLet Starter Mix into the toilet and plug the unit into a 120VAC outlet (except BTS 33). We encourage that you call us if you ever have questions about your installation or need those last minute parts to fit your application.


BioLet features a Limited Life-Time Warranty on the body and Limited 3 year Warranty replacement parts.

Included With Each BioLet Toilet:
  1. Ventilation Kit
  2. Installation Instructions
  3. Owners Manual
  4. 8 Gallon Bag of Starter Mix

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