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BioLet 60 XL is the only Eco Certified Closed System Composting Toilet in North America

BioLet uses natural processes.

Eco Certification provides third party information that enables consumers to select products that are the least harmful to the environment. Eco Certification is intended to stimulate environmental concern in product development and promote a sustainable society. The testing of the BioLet 60 XL (Mulltoa 60) was comprised of both laboratory and field-testing. These evaluations were conducted by an independent and specifically selected test facility: The Norwegian Centre for Soil and Environmental Research at the University of Agriculture in Norway.

This is the most extensive testing in the world and serves both as an environmental control as well as quality control. In the test, the criteria definition of a closed (self contained) toilet system is a toilet that is not connected to a drainage system for receiving faeces and urine. Criteria stated the toilet must handle waste from four people in a permanent use situation (with no drain installed). The end product must be safe and utilized as a means of soil improvement.

This waterless toilet model was tested for:

Material Quality - Mechanical and electrical components, leak proof operation, ventilation, wear, etc.

Odor - No odors indoors or outside on or near the ground.

Maintenance - Must be hygienic and easy to service.

Capacity & Performance -Toilet must handle waste from four people using the unit permanently and several periods of double usage. This usage is sustained for a long duration and the end product evaluated.

Environment - The finished compost is tested to ensure it is hygienic to handle and environmentally safe. Limits are set pertaining to the allowable amounts of remaining bacteria, salts & nutrients. Bacteria, pH, nitrogen, odor and consistency are tested.

Economy - The power usage must be within set parameters with a maximum of 320W.

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