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Waterless toilets are a rather odd concept to most people. However, you cannot get any more environmentally friendly or cost effective than a waterless composting toilet. We offer articles and other resources that we hope will help you discover the future of the toilet and water conservation. We strive to confirm the authenticity and quality of these resources so we can provide you with high quality information to help you in your decision to switch to a composting toilet system.

1 . Composting Toilet Question and Answers (pdf)

2 . EPA Water Efficiency Composting Toilet Fact Sheet (pdf)

3 . How BioLet toilets compare to EPA's Composting Toilet Fact Sheet

4 . How Composting Toilets work.

5 . Is BioLet compost safe?

6 . The Theory behind Composting Toilets

7 . Composting Toilet Overview

8 . How much can BioLet save me?

9 . BioLet 60 xl - the only Eco Certified Composting Toilet in North America

10 . BioLet 60 xl Swan Eco Certification (pdf)

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